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Living Room Cafe / Bar's menu offers a selection of dishes designed to be shared from our tasting plates to our platters for two.


For those who prefer not to share we also provide a fine selection of individual meals and salads.








Vegan Meals

Kids Meals


Cold Drinks

Hot Drinks




Available until 11:30am


Free Range Eggs          

Two poached, fried or scrambled eggs on sourdough toast  9.0



Extra egg  2.0

Grilled tomato, mushrooms, baby spinach, hash browns  3.0

Bacon, chorizo or avocado  4.0

Haloumi or Spanish Baked Beans with cherry tomatoes and chorizo  5.5


Biggy G Breakfast 

Free range eggs with shortcut bacon, mushrooms, kale chips, Spanish baked beans with chorizo and cherry tomatoes in a rich tomato sauce, hash brown and sourdough toast  20.0


Avo Feta Smash 

Smashed avo and feta, cherry tomatoes and a poached egg on sourdough toast  14.0

Extra egg  2.0 extra  

With bacon  4.0 extra


Eggs Bennie 

Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, baby spinach on sourdough toast with either bacon or ham 17.0

Grilled salmon  4.0 extra


Nutty Heaven Pancakes 

With Nutella and hazelnut 13.0


Sweetie Pie Pancakes

With sweet ricotta and seasonal fruits  13.0


Just Toast

Two pieces of either sourdough, wholemeal or Turkish toast with peanut butter, honey, vegemite, raspberry jam or Nutella  5.0



Crunchy granola with natural Greek yoghurt and seasonal fruits  13.5


Gluten Free Bread - 3.0 extra



Small Eats

Takeaway or Eat In - Available all day


Bacon and egg roll with choice of tomato or smokey barbeque sauce  6.5


Ham, Cheese and Tomato Toastie on Turkish bread  8.0


Smashed avocado and feta toast on Turkish bread  7.5


Brekky Burrito scrambled egg, chorizo, tomato relish, baby spinach and cheese  9.0


Bangin BLAT with bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato on a milk bun  9.0

Add egg  2.0 extra





Available at lunch and dinner


Pita Breads (v) served with a selection of house made dips  9.0


Traditional Tomato Bruschetta (v) topped with Danish feta on toasted Turkish bread  10.0


Chips (v) Choice of hand cut chips or shoestring fries served with aioli 8.0


Sweet Potato Fries (v) served with aioli  13.0      


Sliders (3) Cheeseburger, Southern fried chicken and spicy pulled pork  17.0 


Crispy Arancini Balls (v) served with a Napolitano sauce  11.0 


Satay Chicken Skewers (gf) with house made satay sauce  11.0


Spicy Chicken Wings served with ranch sauce  8.0


Salt and Pepper Squid served with Thai sweet chilli sauce  12.0





Available between 11:30am and 2:30pm


Spicy Chicken Burger / Wrap        

Spicy chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and aioli on either a milk bun or wrap served with chips  15.0


Chef’s Burger Royale 

Beef patty, beetroot, lettuce, fresh tomato, caramelised onion, barbeque sauce and aioli on a milk bun served with chips  18.5

Add egg  2.0 extra

Add bacon  3.0 extra



Traditional Greek style pita bread wrap with either braised lamb or grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce, tzatziki served with chips  14.0


Schnitzel Burger / Wrap

Crispy chicken breast crumbed daily, tomato, lettuce and aioli on either a milk bun or wrap served with chips  16.0


Haloumi Wrap (v)

Grilled haloumi with olives, lettuce, roasted capsicum and mint yoghurt served with chips  16.5


Grilled Fish and Chips

Grilled fish of the day served with aioli, chips and garden salad  18.0


Swap chips for sweet potato fries  — 2.0 extra

Gluten free — 3.0 extra





Available at dinner


Polenta Stack (v)

Topped with grilled vegetables, semi roasted tomatoes, basil pesto, capsicum butter, parmesan and a drizzle of balsamic reduction  22.0


Moroccan Chicken Breast

Served on Mediterranean vegetable couscous, topped with mint yoghurt and crispy kale chips  23.0


Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Served on a warm risoni salad with, Danish feta, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and an Italian red wine vinaigrette  32.0





Available at lunch and dinner


Braised Lamb Salad

Roasted butternut pumpkin, wild rocket, Danish feta, mint,  and almonds, with a lemon oil dressing and toasted Turkish bread  16.5


Greek Salad

Traditional Greek salad with cherry tomato, Spanish onion, cucumber, capsicum, marinated olives, Danish feta and baby spinach with lemon oil dressing  14.0


Thai Beef or Chicken Salad

Beef or chicken strips with vermicelli noodles, chillies, bean shoots, mint, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and coriander  16.5


Living Room Salad

Wild rocket, baby spinach, cherry tomato, cucumber, Spanish onions, red cabbage, carrot and dressed with a lemon oil dressing with toasted Turkish bread  11.0


Gym Junkie Salad

Quinoa, cabbage, avocado, Danish feta, baby spinach, wild rocket, oak lettuce and pepitas with a honey mustard dressing  15.0



Grilled chicken  5.0

Grilled haloumi  6.0

Grilled salmon  7.5

Braised lamb  6.0

Poached Egg  2.0 each





All platters available at lunch and dinner

Minimum 25 minute wait when busy


Combo Platter for Two        

Marinated lamb skewers, Moroccan chicken skewers, grilled haloumi, assorted bruschetta, salt and pepper squid, cheeseburger sliders, marinated olives and Danish feta, crispy flatbreads, house made dips and hand cut chips  75.0


Original Platter for Two       

Marinated lamb skewers, Moroccan chicken skewers, saganaki prawns, grilled haloumi, marinated olives and Danish feta, arancini balls, Turkish breads and house made dips, traditional Greek salad and hand cut chips  75.0


Slider Platter for Two       

Choose eight

Spicy pulled pork sliders, veggie fritter sliders, cheeseburger sliders, Southern style fried chicken sliders with hand cut chips  50.0


Gluten free platter — 5.0 extra

Swap hand cut chips for sweet potato fries on any platter — 4.0 extra




Vegan Meals

Vegan Smoothie Bowl  (Available for breakfast or lunch)

Passionfruit smoothie bowl with almond milk, banana and honey topped with seasonal fruits, shredded coconut flakes, chia seeds and granola  14.0


Amazon Vegan Bowl  (Available at lunch and dinner)

Honey roasted sweet potato, zucchini fritters, house made hummus, crispy kale chips, avocado with chia seeds, carrot, pickled red cabbage, crunchy slaw salad and topped with sliced radish  18.0


Vegan Fritter Gyros  (Available at lunch only)

Traditional Greek style pita bread wrap with tomato, lettuce and house made hummus served with chips  14.0




Kids Meals

Available at lunch and dinner


Battered Fish and Chips

Battered fish pieces served with shoestring fries or hand cut chips, and a choice of aioli, tomato or barbeque sauce   13.0


Sliders and Chips

Two sliders with choice of either cheeseburger or Southern fried chicken with shoestring fries or hand cut chips  14.0


Schnitty and Chips

Crumbed chicken breast served with shoestring fries or hand cut chips and tomato or barbeque sauce  12.0





Extra sauce or dip  1.0

Living Room garden side salad  6.0

Greek side salad  8.0

Side of hand cut chips or shoestring fries  4.0

Side of sweet potato fries  6.0



Cold Drinks

Soft Drinks

Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi, Lemon Squash, Lemonade, Dry Ginger Ale  3.9



Lemon Ginger, Passionfruit, Raspberry  6.0


Lemon, Lime and Bitters  3.9



Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Cranberry  3.5


Sparkling Mineral Water

330ml  3.5

750ml  7.5


Bottled Water  3.0


Milk Shakes

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Caramel  5.0


Iced Chocolate  5.0


Iced Coffee  5.0

Add Cream  0.5 extra



Berry, Banana or Tropical  6.0




Hot Drinks


Extra Large

(Takeaway Only)


3.53.9 5.0

Flat White



Chai Latte

Hot Chocolate

Long Black

Short Black













Earl Grey, Green Tea, Breakfast Tea, Organic Peppermint, Camomile



Extra Shot of Coffee


Add Coffee Flavour

Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut 


Add Bon Soy Milk or Almond Milk





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